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Ragdoll Kittens Available ! 

Stunning cute fluffy available ragdoll kittens for sale!

Floppy Loving Lap Cats for sale!

~ All info current as of 04/14/2014 ~


Tory & Pounce's Kittens!
~ Born 
3/17/2014 ~ Ready in  late May!

Two available girls

 Details and pictures coming soon!

3 Blue Mitted - One Boy and Two Girls!

Ava and Shadow Kittens! 
~ Born 3/20/14 ~ Ready in late May!


Four available kittens

Details and pictures coming soon!

2 Blue Mitted Girls, 1 Seal Bicolor Boy, and 1 Chocolate Mitted Girl!

Lilly and Valiant Kittens!
~ Born 3/24/2014 ~ Ready in Early June!

Three available Kittens

Details and Pictures coming soon! 

Hint - 3 Red or Cream Boys!

Samantha and Shadow Kittens!
~ Born 4/11/2014 
~ Ready in June!


4 Boys and 1 Girl - Can be lilac, chocolate, blue or seal!

Reserve A Ragdoll Kitten

$150 ... with PayPal

Click on the 'Pay Now' Button below.


Credit Cards Accepted.

(PayPal offers SECURE and ENCRYPTED payments.)



See more pictures of the kittens on our FlickR sight!

Kittens are under their MOTHER'S name in folders called "SETS".




(no longer available)

" Cameron "


CAMERON ~ Sold to M. Navas ~ $1050 ~ Blue Bicolor Boy
Cameron has such a great face! He is a big eater
and a love dove! Calm and loving, The Navas family
is gonna adore him!

" Karenza "

Karenza ~ Rare Lilac Bicolor Girl! ~ $ 1,800
~ Congratulations to Jamie S.!

Seraphina & Adonis's Kittens!
~ Born

" Lyle "

9 weeks old

Lyle ~ Seal Bicolor Boy ~ $1600.00 
~ Reserved!
Sweet and playful boy loves attention and belly-rubs.  
Is having the time of his life playing King of the Mountain, 
and can't wait for his own personal human to join the pile!

" Lillian "

9 weeks old
Seal Mitted Girl ~ Reserved for Vanessa ~ $1450

" Motie "

meaning "White Pearl" in five languages ~ (Hindi, Urdu, Persian, Arabic, Turkish) pronounced MOE_THIE! 

Chocolate Bicolor SHOW Girl ~ $1800.00 
~ Reserved for Mutaher A.

" La Couer "

staying here

" Landon "

Chocolate SHOW Bicolor Boy ~ $1800.00 
~ Sold tp the Taylor's

" Levi "

Seal Mitted Boy with V and white tail tip! 
~ $1600.00 ~ Sold for the Taylor's

Purebred SBT registered AngelGirl Ragdolls come with some of the things you see above.

$250 deposit reserves a particular Angel on these pages!

Deposits returned if your kitty is not available, or it goes towards the price of your kitten

! We have VIDEOS on YouTube !



This is REQUIRED of new owners to-be, and helps us know and assist you with what you are looking for.


What can AngelGirl's do for you today?
Email Address:
Contact Number:
How would you like to be contacted? Email
Please describe the main question you have for AngelGirls today, and tell us how you found us.
Please describe the type of kitten or cat that you are interested in if you already know, in order of preference. (Sex; Color; Pattern; Personality)
Please describe you and your family. Where do you live? How many and what type of pets do you already have living with you. The more we know about you the better we will be able to find the perfect match!
Please enter any questions or comments you have here, and also tell us the name and number of your veterinarian and two references. We will not contact them unless you end up buying a kitten.
Please confirm you have read the "Acquiring an Angel" "Contract", and, or "Little Angels" page, and that you agree to our basic terms and conditions. Yes
I will do that next.
I have looked at the "Little Angels" page.
I have read the "Acquiring an Angel" and the "Contract" page.
I agree to the terms and conditions on the Contract page.

Feel free to E-MAIL us with questions at:


However, we answer the Web Responses first.

All AngelGirl Ragdolls are not caged and are much loved... making them ready to share their affection with you.


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