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KITTENS are organized under their MOTHER’s Name in ALBUMS.

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Rhiannon & Big Mak Daddy

Names from the movie, “Singing in the Rain”. These kittens are spectacular.
Gorgeous, fluffy, and friendly. Top Quality and all Rare Lilac Lynxes. Two are also MINKS.

Born on December 27th ~ Ready @ March 14th

“Starting to explore their room with Mommy!”


Don Lockwood

Don ~ Extremely Rare Lilac Bicolor Lynx Boy ~ $4800 ~ RESERVED for Yi Zhao!

~Introducing Donny! This sweet baby is waiting the perfect family to love and adore him! Donny is a perfect example of the ragdoll breed. He has a perfect chunky body, and a beautiful face and full profile. He is an extreme lovebug who follows me around and rolls around and purrs for extra attention. He yearns to be cuddled and loved on, and is looking for a loving family who wants nothing but the best!


Kathy Selden

Kathy ~ Lilac Lynx MINK Girl (Colorpoint or Mitted) ~ $3200 ~ Sold to R Hutchinson!

Meet Kathy our dancing kitty! This little girl is sure to keep everyone happy and laughing with her silly moves! She loves to be the center of attention, and immediately purrs and rolls on her back for tummy rubs. She loves to dance around your feet in hopes of being picked up and cuddled. Her classic tabby lynx markings are highlighted by the warmth of mink coloring over lilac. She is certainly a stunning little lady who will decorate someone’s home with her beauty.



Cosmo ~ Lilac Lynx MINK Boy (Colorpoint or Mitted) $3200 ~ Reserved for Danielle S.

Say “Hello!” to this sweet fellow, Cosmo. Cosmo is a fine mixture of heavenly musical purring and the trademark ragdoll trait, a SUPER fluffy coat. If your greatest desire is a big ‘ole snuggly teddy bear type of kitty, look no further and pick this boy!  His heart is as big and bright as his large pouty “pick me up” eyes. Cosmo likes to drape his round fluffy body across your feet or your chest to get snuggled for hours. And if you scratch his chubby cheeks his purring machine will rumble with bliss. Congratulations to Danni for this sweet boy.



~~~ We have brand new babies! ~~~


Tatiana & Brad Pitt ~ 5

Names from the Netflix TV Drama, “Stranger Things”.


Will ~ Blue Bicolor Boy



Mike ~Blue Bicolor Boy



Dustin ~ Lilac Bicolor Boy



Eleven ~ Blue Mitted Girl



Joyce (Winona) ~ Seal or Chocolate Mitted Girl with a Blaze ~ Temp Reserve



Serra & Heaven ~ 5

Names from the Netflix TV Drama, ‘Midnight Texas’.

Manfred ~ Chocolate? Mitted or Colorpoint Boy

Creek ~ Colorpoint Girl

Bobo ~ Blue Mitted or Colorpoint Boy

Fiji ~ Seal Mitted Girl

Lem ~ Seal Mitted or Colorpoint Boy


Clementine & Big Mak Daddy ~ 3

Names from the Netflix TV Drama, “Altered Carbon”.


Quell ~ Blue Traditional Mitted Girl


Tak ~ Blue MINK Bicolor Boy


Reileen ~ Blue MINK Mitted Girl with a Blaze


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Greetings from Our House to Yours!


Our kittens are gorgeous, friendly, and healthy. We sell show-quality kittens as pets.




Pictures of PAST Kittens BELOW to Show YOU Different COLORS and PATTERNS…


  Kitten Deposit: $150

  Reserving any Specific Kitten: $250.00

  Deposit and Reservation towards a SHOW Quality Kitten: $500.00


You Can Reserve A Ragdoll Kitten!

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Why AngelGirls?

So why would customers select kittens from us over other breeders? Well, to honestly know the answer to that, read our other pages on this website. We want to share our joy (and knowledge) of this amazing breed with everyone. Ragdolls literally changed our lives… See “About Us”…

Many clients are now our friends. We answer the phone after you buy a kitten from us. We want you to be happy and successful with your new baby. We want to place the right kitten with the right family. We rectify problems and exchange kittens. We extensively health test, and only use intranasal vaccines. (No shots!) Our kittens live in our home and are never caged.


Pictures BELOW of Mommies and PAST Kittens to Show MORE Colors and Patterns…

We care about the forever part of these Angel’s lives.


! AngelGirl VIDEOS on YouTube !

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Reserve A Ragdoll Kitten

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Reserving a Show or Breeder Quality Kitten: $500.00 ($520.00)

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Pictures below Show PAST Kittens and Our Home…

Here’s a little movie about us…


Angel Girl Ragdolls proudly presents a loving and outstanding crop of ragdoll kittens for adoption. We are a small home breeder with only a few litters a year. Our Ragdolls are family members, and are treated royally, as are their kitties.

All our Parents are DNA tested by UC-Davis Veterinarian Genetics Lab for HCM, PKD, Blood Type, and a Full Color Panel. We also Veterinary test for FIV/FeLV, all with Negative/Normal results.

All of our beautiful and loving Angel babies are raised in our home, and never caged. Our human daughters socialize our cats and kittens  along with us and our puppy, ensuring playful and social fluffy kittens.

Before they leave here they will have received at least 2 sets of Heska Intra-Nasal Vaccinations. (No shots given here!)  They will come with a three year health guarantee*, vaccination records, registration papers,  a carrier, liner, toys, and some food.

They will be litter box trained and have impeccable habits, and will use scratching posts.

As with all our kittens, they will be weaned, eating solid food on their own, will crave human contact, and will be ready to start a lifetime with you.

AngelGirls is known for their great customer service and satisfaction, their exceptional home-grown rare-colored ragdolls, as well as the titles their Ragdolls win at cat shows.

Purebred SBT registered AngelGirl Ragdolls come with some of the things you see above. Included: Carrier, registration slip, vaccination records, parental testing, health guarantee.
Extra’s: Pedigree’s range from $25 to $100. Genetic testing ranges from $60 to $210