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~~~ We have 2 available GIRL kittens! ~~~
~and 13 newborns!~


Tatiana & Brad Pitt ~ 1 left!

Names from the Netflix TV Drama, “Stranger Things”.
Click here to see more pictures on FlickR, AFTER you look at this page!

 Born: January 17th ~ Ready @ April 11th

“Exploring the house from the safety of her room!”


Winona Joyce

Winona Joyce ~ Show Quality Rare Chocolate Mitted Girl with a Blaze (with pink collar) ~ $4400 ~ AVAILABLE!

Welcome to the world little Winona Joyce! This stunning girl is blessed with an irresistibly beautiful chocolate coat, and perfect face paint! Her face markings are identical to her stunning momma’s Tatiana, who is a show girl! This is the first time we have had a kitten mirror her momma’s marking so closely! Winona Joyce glows with a quiet confidence and is perfectly content being your fluffy lap warmer. She loves to drape herself across your body like your old time favorite throw blankie. With her large blue saucer-sized eyes, her love will reflect back, and you will know that she adores only you. She also has a heart of gold with an indescribable beauty that shines from the inside out. Sometimes she will gently grasp you with her fuzzy paws and give you the warmest hugs. Who says you can’t buy love? Winona is the definition of love, wrapped up in fur of course! PS: Don’t worry that she is still here… momma is secretly hoping we get to keep her!


Lilou & Brad Pitt ~ 1 Girl

 Born: February 14th ~ Ready @ May 2nd

“Staying Close to Momma’s Side!”



Becca K. ~ “The Bachelorette” ~ Chocolate Mitted Girl ~ $2500 ~ AVAILABLE!

Give a spring’s welcome to our beautiful little chocolate nugget named Becca! This super friendly little lady is sure to dance her way into your heart from the moment you first meet her. She features those adorable “Precious Moment’s” eyes that can pretty much get her anything she wants with just a few glances. Take note of her candlelit glow under her chin lighting up her face, just darling! Becca wants to be someone’s special girl. She was an only child, so she needs to be someone’s princess! This little purry package will pull at your heart strings and snuggle her way into your heart.

Athena & Heavenly Hash


Born: March 27th ~ Ready @ June 3rd

“In the nesting box with momma”

Will have rare chocolates and lilacs in bicolor and colorpoint. Names from the book and show “Big Little Lies”
4 Girls & 1 Boy

Madeline, Show Quality Lilac Bicolor Girl  ~ $4400

Jane, Show Quality Chocolate Bicolor Girl ~ $3200

Bonnie, Chocolate Colorpoint Girl ~ $2800

Celeste, Chocolate Bicolor Girl ~ $2200

Perry, Show Quality Chocolate Bicolor Boy ~ $3000

Jennifer A. & Brad Pitt


Born: March 25th ~ Ready @ June 1st

“In the nesting box with momma”

Will have kittens in any color in bicolor and mitted.
Some may be mink. Names from the TV show “London Spy.”

1 Girl & 4 Boys

Danny ~ Blue Bicolor Boy ~

Alex ~ Show Quality Lilac Mitted ?Mink? Boy ~

Scottie ~ Blue Mitted Boy ~

Rich ~ Show Quality Lilac Mitted Boy ~

Frances ~ Blue Mitted Girl ~


Sophia & Big Mak

Born: April 1st ~ Ready @ June 10th

“With Momma”


Barb E. Dahl ~ Lilac Colorpoint Girl  ~


Girls that are Pregnant!

Valkyrie with Brad
Ginger with Big Mak
Rouri with Big Mak
Penelope with Heaven
Fancy Pants with Big Mak




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KITTENS are organized under their MOTHER’s Name in ALBUMS.

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Pictures At Our House!


Our kittens are gorgeous, friendly, and healthy. We sell show-quality kittens as pets.




Pictures of PAST Kittens BELOW to Show YOU Different COLORS and PATTERNS…


Why AngelGirls?

So why would customers select kittens from us over other breeders? Well, to honestly know the answer to that, read our other pages on this website. We want to share our joy (and knowledge) of this amazing breed with everyone. Ragdolls literally changed our lives… See “About Us”…

Many clients are now our friends. We answer the phone after you buy a kitten from us. We want you to be happy and successful with your new baby. We want to place the right kitten with the right family. We rectify problems and exchange kittens. We extensively health test, and only use intranasal vaccines. (No shots!) Our kittens live in our home and are never caged.


Pictures BELOW of Mommies and PAST Kittens to Show MORE Colors and Patterns…

We care about the forever part of these Angel’s lives.


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Pictures below Show PAST Kittens and Our Home…

Here’s a little movie about us…


Angel Girl Ragdolls proudly presents a loving and outstanding crop of ragdoll kittens for adoption. We are a small home breeder with only a few litters a year. Our Ragdolls are family members, and are treated royally, as are their kitties.

All our Parents are DNA tested by UC-Davis Veterinarian Genetics Lab for HCM, PKD, Blood Type, and a Full Color Panel. We also Veterinary test for FIV/FeLV, all with Negative/Normal results.

All of our beautiful and loving Angel babies are raised in our home, and never caged. Our human daughters socialize our cats and kittens  along with us and our puppy, ensuring playful and social fluffy kittens.

Before they leave here they will have received at least 2 sets of Heska Intra-Nasal Vaccinations. (No shots given here!)  They will come with a three year health guarantee*, vaccination records, registration papers,  a carrier, liner, toys, and some food.

They will be litter box trained and have impeccable habits, and will use scratching posts.

As with all our kittens, they will be weaned, eating solid food on their own, will crave human contact, and will be ready to start a lifetime with you.

AngelGirls is known for their great customer service and satisfaction, their exceptional home-grown rare-colored ragdolls, as well as the titles their Ragdolls win at cat shows.

Purebred SBT registered AngelGirl Ragdolls come with some of the things you see above. Included: Carrier, registration slip, vaccination records, parental testing, health guarantee.
Extra’s: Pedigree’s range from $25 to $100. Genetic testing ranges from $60 to $210


  Kitten Deposit: $150

  Reserving any Specific Kitten: $250.00

  Deposit and Reservation towards a SHOW Quality Kitten: $500.00


You Can Reserve A Ragdoll Kitten!

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