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 ~ Reserved ~

Athena & Heaven

Four Born on July 1st ~ Ready for their new homes!

Aegon ~ Chocolate Colorpoint Boy

Aegon Targaryen “Jon Snow” ~ Rare Chocolate Colorpoint Boy ~ $2400

Daenerys ~ Rare Lilac Bicolor Girl ~ $2800 ~ RESERVED for Alex Cai

Cersei ~ Rare Lilac Mitted Girl ~ $2800 ~ RESERVED for the Wohlander Family



Cookie & Heaven

Four Born on May 31st

 ~ Reserved ~

Sansa “CoCo” ~ Blue Eyed White Girl  ~ SHOW QUALITY ~ $3200SOLD to K. Boyle! 8/22

Meet Sansa! This cute as a button girl is the life of the party! Who doesn’t want to hang out with a cheerful and fun-loving kitty? Sansa is our nursery’s social butterfly; fluttering from one activity to the next! She considers everyone her friend, no matter the amount of paws they walk on, LOL! When she isn’t busy playing Sansa loves to shower her human friends with affection. With her purring motor on high, she always has time to soak up a few extra cuddles. Sansa enjoys having her luscious silvery white locks brushed. She will arch her back in delight before falling to her side belly up, hehe. With those chubby chipmunk cheeks and pink nose she always appears to be in a delightful good mood!


Jon Snow ~ UNIQUE Blue Eyed White Boy ~ SHOW QUALITY ~ $3200 ~ RESERVED for I. Wang  7/26
With complete confidence Jon Snow will prance into your heart like the wild wolf that he is! From the very moment the moment you lay eyes on him, you will be smitten! From his round butterball cheeks to his luxury designer shiny white coat that flows around his body, he is picture purr-fect! His temperament is as sweet and loving too. If he feels like you have neglected your petting duties he will repeatedly brush up against you with his purring motor on high.  Jon is completely waiting to spoil you! If you are looking for a love connection, you may have found it with Jon


Arya ~ Looks to Be Show Quality ~ Blue Bicolor Girl ~ $2400 ~ RESERVED for N.Gorski 7/28

Ooo, La La! Arya is one spectacular girl! Dressed in a designer blue coat that is as lovely and striking as her over the top purr-sonality, she is truly one in a million! This little sweetheart has certainly caught our attention. She is available for a limited time only, while we decide if we are going to keep her back.  Her classic pouty eyes really tug at your heartstrings, especially when she tilts her head to one side while you dote on her, and she loves every second of it! Arya was made for the spot light. Whether she is showing off her designer coat or flashing you those pretty eyes, it’s easy for you to become wrapped around her flowing tail. Arya desires a home where she can be spoiled rotten, get ready to break out the crystal food and water dishes and plush pillows for her to lay upon.  Not only is she a cuddle bunny, but she is very playful. She can’t get enough of playing with toy strings or carrying around her fuzzy mice in her mouth.


Bran ~ Seal Bicolor Boy ~ SHOW QUALITY ~ $2800 ~ SOLD!

Introducing Bran. This baby boy doesn’t just walk, he dances which is quite a site to see. His tail swishes back and forth and his head merrily bobbs as he comes marching up to you. With his endless charm he will befriend just about anyone, no matter the amount of paw they walk on. His incredibly piercing blue eyes are so animated and endlessly expressive. Beautiful mocha coloring decorates his tail, back, and ears. The rest of his body is a luscious white, or cream, depending on the lighting. Either way you are going to want to run your hands through his fur for hours. Bran is a fearless kitten that wants to be the center of your world. His silly kitty antics and playful purr-sonality will capture your heart. He would certainly make an excellent family addition. He melts like butter in your lap, arms sprawled out and rubbing his cheeks on you begging to be showered with loving strokes.



Lilou & Brad Pitt

Five Born on May 24th ~ Ready @ August 10th

 ~ Reserved ~

River ~ RARE Chocolate Mitted Girl ~ SHOW QUALITY ~ $2400 ~ Reserved for Vivienne

Meet River! This amazing girl is the class clown of our nursery. She can keep herself occupied for hours. One of her favorite things to do is try and catch the flecks of light reflection that beam in from the window, hahah! Next thing you know she’s conquering the biggest kitty tree in the house. River is such a silly girl, you can’t help but smile as you watch her! Her full luxurious coat swishes and sways as she moves from one activity to the next. When her bursts of energy are spent she will sun herself in the window or lay on the couch next to you, purring herself into a blissful dream. While some things you see with your eyes, others are felt by your heart; and River is a heart stealer!


Stone ~ RARE Chocolate Mitted Boy; the last born and smallest in the litter. ~ $1800 ~ SOLD to G. Kruhm

Introducing Stone. “I am a kind and handsome boy. I have the deepest and darkest blue eyes ! I am also super sweet and love to give kitten kisses. Mommy says I will be a blessing to someone special and that I am beautiful inside and out! She also says I still have a lot of growing to do and someday I am going to be just as big as my playmates!” This bucket of love, with rare coloring and unusually dark blue eyes will be turning heads the rest of his life. He has a can-do attitude and is super loving and affectionate. Wouldn’t you love to make Stone yours today? Don’t miss out!


Flower ~ RARE Chocolate Mitted Girl ~ Yellow Collar ~ $1800 ~ SOLD to K Stefanopoulos 3/24, 4/27

Flower is a flawless girl is looking for her new forever home! Flower has been blessed with an exquisite face and was hand painted by God himself! Her dewdrop eyes give her face an everlasting “Precious Moments” look.  With her rare coloring and fluffy coat, she is one in a million.  She is the purr-fect cuddly bug.  Her chocolate coat is just stunning. She reminds us of a childhood teddy bear. Her calm, but determined personality makes her quite confident, allowing her to take on the world. She is a top notch princess and she knows it! Her dazzling eyes give that “Please pick me up” look that is irresistible. She is also quite the tomboy and can play for hours! You’ll have a hard time resisting her or putting her down. If you desire the finer things in life… Flower might just be the girl for you!


Storm ~ Blue Bicolor Boy; Looks to be Show Quality ~ $2200 ~ Reserved for A. Stephens

Introducing Storm! This stunning boy features a perfect V on his forehead, and he is a complete sweetheart. He will capture your heart with his sparkling blue eyes as they beam with pure joy. You will be hard pressed to find a more charismatic kitten! Storm loves to strike a pose and put his remarkable good looks on display. He doesn’t let it go to his head however, he is incredibly affectionate and adores everyone. Storm makes friends wherever he goes, no matter how many legs they walk on. He will strut into the room and head straight for you for extra loving.


Hill ~ RARE Chocolate Bicolor Girl ~ Looks to Be Show Quality ~ $2600 ~ AVAILABLE!

Introducing our super sweet angel Hill! This pretty, fluffy princess is absolutely exquisite. With this kitten you get to have the best of both worlds. Her purr-sonality is as sweet as pie and she loves to be pampered! She would adore being a spoiled diva! Think crystal dishes, a silver spoon, and endless toys and attention! She loves to play and show off her adorable kitten antics. Her beautiful fluffy coat is like a cloud and her extravagant mane frames her daring  bicolor face perfectly! If you prefer the finer things in life, perhaps Hill is the right girl for you.


Ashley & Brad Pitt

Five Born on May 19th ~ Ready @ August 4th

 ~ Reserved ~

Winterfell ~ Lilac Bicolor Girl ~ Looks to Be Show Quality ~ RESERVED for Chandler

Wow, what a lovely little girl! Winter is such a rare and special little girl! She has a gorgeous lilac and white coat that looks like it is a silver pink cloud of fluff.  As you can imagine she enjoys being pampered like the princess she is. The moment she sees you she will come sit on your lap so you can brush her silky fur. You get the best of both worlds as the soft lilac and faint lynx markings decorate her luxurious locks.  This lovely lady is so sweet-natured, and tilts her fluffy head when you talk to her. If you cannot stop thinking about this princess, Winter might be “The One” for you. Don’t miss out on this one of a kind beauty.


Eyrie ~ Chocolate Bicolor Girl ~ Looks to Be Show Quality ~ RESERVED for Chandler

Eyrie is quite the loving companion. She will make you wonder how you ever got along without her. She will surely make you smile with all her adorable antics. This cutie hopes she can go home to you today so that she can bring you all her love and kittie kisses. Eyrie promises to always be by your side as your most faithful, four-legged companion. She is an outgoing little girl who loves to snuggle and usually is the one who leads the way with her sister, Winter.


Pyke ~ RARE Chocolate Bicolor Boy ~ SOLD to Y. Zhao ~ $1800

Roll out the red carpet for Pyke! This overly handsome boy has been kissed by the gods. Like a stream over river rocks his coat elegantly flows and cascades around his lil’ body! Not only does it appear as if his locks were spun from pure silver and chocolate, but he has a heart of gold to match! Pyke is very loving and affectionate. At a moments notice he will come skipping into the room to leap onto your lap, where he will quickly make himself at home and knead his fuzzy paws on you.  His full cheeks always appear to be flashing you that vibrant charismatic smile! You won’t be able to resist picking him up and snuggling cheek to cheek with him! Pyke will melt your heart and soul.


Red Keep “Keeper” ~ Blue Bicolor Boy ~ SHOW QUALITY ~ $2400 ~ SOLD!

Keeper is a large, stocky boy who always seems to know the best perching spots around the home.  He has a nice V and pretty eyes to go along with his pretty markings. He particularly likes to be in the middle of the action. He is quite playful and loves his friends, human and animal alike! He can also make anything into a toy! He especially likes batting around crumpled paper and crinkle toys or playing peek-a-boo while hiding in cardboard boxes.  This darling baby boy will run away with your heart if you apply for him.


Harrenhal ~ Blue Bicolor Boy ~ Cute with low V. ~ $2200 ~ Reserved for Amy!

Here is Harrenhal, ready to save the day! This little fella is one of the finest dressed kittens in our nursery. He has a silky blue & white tuxedo coat and a cute white V to match! Harrenhal is quite the character too! He loves to show off his silly kitten antics and is guaranteed to bring lots of love and laughter to his new forever family. Harrenhal’s round expressive eyes will imprint on your heart. One of his favorite things is to lounge around and hang out wherever the action is happening. Sometimes we even catch him chit chatting with our puppy. Harrenhal is too cute and ultra charming!



Rhiannon & Jack

Four born on May 17th ~ Ready @ July 26th

2 Boys and 2 Girls. All Big and Healthy. ~ Names taken from the movie, “This Means War”  with Chris Pines as FDR Foster, Tom Hardy as Tucker, and Reese Witherspoon as love interest Lauren.

 ~ Reserved Below ~


Lauren ~Seal Lynx Bicolor Girl ~ SOLD to S Richardson – OR ~ 5/5 ~ $1500

Lauren is a living, breathing doll! Her face is set into a perfect pout on her round teddy bear face. Her “sad” look is even more pronounced with her bright glistening dew drop eyes and tiny pink button nose. She doesn’t even look real, but rather like a stuffed animal! Her chipmunk cheeks are highlighted by exquisite buttercream locks and  a beautiful tabby “necklace. Lauren is such a girly girl! The rest of her body is adorned with a delicious golden honey coloring broken up with her classic dark tabby markings. She enjoys having her luscious locks brushed and will instantly roll over like a turtle and kick her dainty legs in the air with delight.



FDR (now Jasper Alexander) ~ Seal Bicolor Boy ~ SOLD to A. Tran ~ $1500

Meet FDR! This adorable seal bicolor. This teddy bear loves to climb up your shirt and nudge you with his cute button nose and purr softly into your ear. The more attention you can give him the better. FDR is a super snuggly kitty who will flop over and wait for you to start rubbing his belly. Sometimes he even gently closes his eyes and drifts into a pleasant slumber, right in your arms. From his sandpaper kisses to his alluring “puppy dog” eyes this kitty has it all! His majestic presence and charm is sure to make him not only a grand centerpiece to your home, but also your heart.



Tuck (now Star) ~ Seal Lynx (or Blue) Bicolor Boy ~ SOLD to LINDA  A ~ $1500

Introducing our darling Tucker! This little fella is as handsome as can be in his classy LYNX seal and white striped tuxedo coat!  His fur is fluffy and silky smooth to the touch. He will win you over with his charming demeanor and purring motor. Tuck is always happy to greet you at the door in hopes that you will scoop him up into your arms for a quick snuggle moment. He will even treat you to some sweet sandpaper kisses on your cheek. The moment he enters your home he will take over your heart. Those exquisite teardrop eyes are filled with so much love to share. Tucker is too cute for words!




Six born on May 1st


 Peter Quill

Peter (now Perry) ~ Seal Bicolor (white ears and tail tip) Boy ~ SOLD to R E Neilsen’s ~ $1500 P $150 C: $675
 This bouncy ball of fluff and purrs is Peter Quill, now Perry.  This cutie pie has an exceptional zest for life and is anxious to cover you in kisses. He is blessed with a bold and ornate coat. It creates a wonderful illusion of cool charcoal hues blending in and out of focus. Check out his spectacular speckled ears and tail! He is white tipped at every point! Did a thousand rain drops splash down and scatter across some peaceful cat nap? How neat is he!?  Check out his pinkish white button nose. Peter is quite energetic and playful, so its funny to watch him scurry throughout the house at lightning speeds while he is playing tag with his siblings, and when he is done he likes to plop down for a relaxing nap in the sunbeams!



Groot ~  ~ Blue Mitted Boy  For Mark! ~ $2200

Introducing the sweetie of the bunch! Groot will climb up your shirt and wrap himself around your neck like a scarf. He loves attention and to be close to his human companions. He is one of the sweetest and lovable-ist little fellas ever. Groot is also quite the charmer. He will woo you with his cute kitten antics and silly expressive face! He loves to go on fun adventures and entice the other kittens to play with him. Don’t miss out on adding this handsome guy to your heart and home!



Gamora ~ Seal Mitted (with blaze like momma) Girl  For Gita! ~ $2200
Nothing says “majestic” more than this dark chocolate fur-baby! Gamora is bursting with life and ready to greet the world with her top purrsonality. You would think she is part Easter bunny the way she prances and hops around the nursery with her tail twitching, waiting to merrily greet you at the door. She has never met a “stranger” and is lovable beyond belief! Gamora is a super sweet girl filled with grace and confidence. She has been blessed with those glistening “puppy dog” eyes that are guaranteed to have you wrapped around her delicate tail in no time!



Drax ~ Seal Colorpoint Boy ~ SOLD to L Zaremba ~ $2200 P: $500

Drax is best described as a soft, cuddly teddy bear. He loves to give you big bear paw hugs by wrapping his arms around your neck when you pick him up. He is sure to melt your heart! I don’t think there has ever been a time when Drax has shut off his “pur~box”, he even keeps it running when he’s getting a bath! LOL. He loves soaking up attention and will prove to you he not only has a body of gold but a heart of gold!



Princess (was named Nebula) ~ Seal Bicolor  (white ear tips) Girl ~ SOLD to Mary! ~ $1500

Princess is a bright-eyed beauty ready to capture your heart! She is a typical bicolor except she has white ears like a high white bicolor would. She has a perfectly symmetrical V on her face and a dark crown and dark tail, with a mostly white/cream body. This little lady is exquisite wrapped in the finest luxury coat that is smooth as silk. Her coat pattern is unique and absolutely divine, with a warm glow of a steel crown around the back of her head to above her ears. She reminds us of a floating angel. From her pink button nose to her fuzzy toes she will put a smile on your face. Princess has a lovely disposition. Nothing is sweeter than the pitter-patter of her kitty feet as she prances from one activity to another. One of her favorite places is the window sill where she has daily conversations with the critters outside. She is so silly sometimes! You can be sure every night she will greet you the moment you walk in the door and be your little shadow in the hopes you will scoop her up into your arms and smother her with some extra lovin’.




Rocket ~ Seal Bicolor ~ SOLD to AJ Fasano ~ $1500



Four Boys born on April 8th, 2017

“Worst time for litterbox training! Be glad they are here and not at your house!”

Named from the 1960’s TV Show, Bonanza on NBC. A western about the Cartwright family’s ranch,  Ponderosa in Nevada, during and after the Civil War.



‘Little Joe’ ~ Chocolate Mitted Boy ~ SOLD to LA ~ $2200 

Joe isn’t really little. He is just the youngest of the brothers. He is also easy to spot since he is a rare chocolate with a white star on his nose.  Joe is cuddle bug who loves attention. Joe will bring back memories of you snuggling up to your favorite childhood teddy bear. He is a large boy with a HUGE heart and lots of love to sprinkle around.  His coat looks as though it has been dusted in cocoa powder, with a white undercoat peeking out from his dreamy thick coat. When the light dances of the top of his furr, it appears as though it is twinkling like a diamond in the sunlight. He will melt your heart as he bats at his toys with his fuzzy paws. If we didn’t know better we would think there is a bunny rabbit in Joey’s family tree. He doesn’t walk, he hops around with his little tail merrily swaying back and forth.



Father Ben ~ Blue Colorpoint ~ SOLD to AC; AR ~ $1800

Ben is the father in the TV show, and also the most mature. In ragdoll Ben’s case, he seems to be so relaxed and calm that we felt he was our ‘Ben’.  He loves to show off his silly kitten antics and is guaranteed to bring lots of love and laughter to his new forever family. Bens round expressive eyes will imprint on your heart. One of his favorite things is to lounge around and hang out wherever the action is happening. Sometimes we even catch him trying to chit chat with the birdies through the window. Ben is too cute and ultra charming!



Eric ‘Hoss’ ~ Seal Mitted Boy ~ SOLD to AC; AR ~ $2400

‘Hoss’ is the biggest of all of the kittens and currently looks like he is a breeder and show quality. He is our dark and tubby seal mitted boy. Hoss has a such a beautiful glossy dark seal coat combined with such a sweet personality! He is the total package! It seems like dark seals are impossible to find these days, and we should probably keep Hoss, and we wouldn’t give it a second thought if “he” were a “she” but we already have enough boys, so this precious baby is going home with the Cruikshank’s!



Adam ~ Show Quality Seal Mitted Boy ~ SOLD to P R Simmons  ~ $2200

Adam is a classic seal mitted boy and is just full of fun, flops, friendly kisses, furry cuddles, and fluffy snuggles.  This breath-taking baby is now yearning for a new forever home! Adam is a complete bundle of love and fluff. With a sweet personality and sensational good looks, Adam is sure to make your heart skip a beat when he runs up to meet you. He is a stunning seal mitted with beautiful white fluffy mittens and a deep china blue eyes! With summer weather closing in, he is the purr-fect addition to brighten your heart and soul. He is content being quiet, but would love to be a constant companion and a lap warmer. Adam likes to bless his people with sweet sandpaper kisses just to let you know he’s there for you. Ahhhh what a lovable tyke! Adam is always sprawled out on someone’s lap, in their arms, or lounging in a kitty tower happily watching the world go by. He is the most relaxed kitty around and has a certain confidence about him. His beautiful blue eyes are magnificent next to his shiny dark coat. If you are searching for a “lap cat”, no need to look any further. Adam cannot wait to jump into your arms for endless cuddles.



DEPOSITS for Kittens

Reservation #1 ~T Schilling – Seal M F ~  3/25

* Reservation #2 B. Gamblin ~ therapy 5/27, 6/6, 6/17

Reservation #3 ~ A Luongo – 2 kittens – Nov. dark cp’s 6/25

Reservation #4 ~ J Cox – Male. SML, SL, BCP ~ 6/30

Reservation #5 ~ L. Quarterson ~ Female BEW ~ 7/26 ~ $3200

Reservation #6 ~

~ If you think you should be on this list, please notify us! ~

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