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Rhiannon & Big Mak Daddy

Names from the movie, “Singing in the Rain”. These kittens are spectacular.
Gorgeous, fluffy, and friendly. Top Quality and all Rare Lilac Lynxes. Two are also MINKS.

Born on December 27th ~ Ready @ March 14th

“Starting to explore their room with Mommy!”


Don Lockwood

Don ~ Extremely Rare Lilac Bicolor Lynx Boy ~ $4800 ~ RESERVED for Yi Zhao!

~Introducing Donny! This sweet baby is waiting the perfect family to love and adore him! Donny is a perfect example of the ragdoll breed. He has a perfect chunky body, and a beautiful face and full profile. He is an extreme lovebug who follows me around and rolls around and purrs for extra attention. He yearns to be cuddled and loved on, and is looking for a loving family who wants nothing but the best!


Kathy Selden

Kathy ~ Lilac Lynx MINK Girl (Colorpoint or Mitted) ~ $3200 ~ Sold to R Hutchinson!

Meet Kathy our dancing kitty! This little girl is sure to keep everyone happy and laughing with her silly moves! She loves to be the center of attention, and immediately purrs and rolls on her back for tummy rubs. She loves to dance around your feet in hopes of being picked up and cuddled. Her classic tabby lynx markings are highlighted by the warmth of mink coloring over lilac. She is certainly a stunning little lady who will decorate someone’s home with her beauty.



Cosmo ~ Lilac Lynx MINK Boy (Colorpoint or Mitted) $3200 ~ Reserved for Danielle S.

Say “Hello!” to this sweet fellow, Cosmo. Cosmo is a fine mixture of heavenly musical purring and the trademark ragdoll trait, a SUPER fluffy coat. If your greatest desire is a big ‘ole snuggly teddy bear type of kitty, look no further and pick this boy!  His heart is as big and bright as his large pouty “pick me up” eyes. Cosmo likes to drape his round fluffy body across your feet or your chest to get snuggled for hours. And if you scratch his chubby cheeks his purring machine will rumble with bliss. Congratulations to Danni for this sweet boy.




Sugar Cookie & Big Mak Daddy

One Seal Bicolor and Two Blue-Eyed Whites

Born on November 5th ~ Ready @ Jan 28th



MIA ~ Unique Blue-Eyed White Girl  ~ Reserved for Melbourne Bottorff!

Mia says, “Hello future family!” I am a sweet, little, young thang that loves cuddles. You can find me looking for the comfy places in the house to settle down for a nice little cat nap!” Her quiet curiosity is very endearing. She doesn’t want to miss out on any fun that might be happening! She is going to make her family very happy!



TRIXIE ~ Seal Bicolor Girl ~ Sold to Christine H!

Trixie can be found skipping throughout the house curiously looking for the start of a new adventure or some one-on-one attention from you. Her beautiful coat is lightly adorned with faint seal markings like decorations that almost resemble raindrops that have splashed down on her coat in a pretty pattern. Very pretty indeed! Trixie is wishing for a new forever home and family to pamper her and love her to pieces. She LOVEs people and has a beautiful purr Does that family include you?



HONEY ~ Unique Blue-Eyed White MINK Girl ~ Sold to Sadie !

Introducing Honey! Her light aqua eyes are the only give-away that she is a mink girl under that gorgeous white fur coat! Her silver coloring is just heavenly and her highlighted eyes are even more beautiful. Honey is a little bundle of energy. She is highly charismatic and loves to charm everyone. From a simple tilt of her head to scurrying about with a fuzzy mouse for hours at a time, Honey will keep you smiling and wanting more. She loves people and has a constant purr to go along with her snuggles!



Athena & Heaven

Kittens are all Lilac in colorpoint and bicolor.

Born on October 26th ~ Ready @ Jan. 18th


!Reserved! ELSA  Reserved!

ELSA ~ Rare Lilac, BIG Show Quality Colorpoint Girl; Sparkle Collar ~ SOLD to Larry R!

This darling baby girl is the epitome of a perfect kitty! She has the brightest blue eyes and rosy pink and lilac nose. Her beautiful doll face just makes you want to pick her up and love her to pieces. Elsa is a very loving and playful kitten, turning anything she can find into a toy.  From a crumpled piece of paper to a cardboard box, she can spend hours keeping you entertained. During her downtime, she loves to lounge where everyone can see her beauty. Elsa is always so poised like a statue, not a hair out of place. She also prances where ever she walks. We think she has a diva side to her which only makes us love her more! If you would like to add this fluffy delight to your heart and home, then send a deposit quick, because she won’t last long. But we are more than glad to keep her back for a future breeder if she does not bring her listed price. She is a picture perfect kitty!


Reserved! GERDA  Reserved!

GERDA ~ Rare Lilac Colorpoint Girl; Coral Collar ~ Reserved for E. Rodrigue!

Gerda is one dreamy kitty! She looks like she is straight off of a winter wonderland postcard – and not a hair out of place! She is down right gorgeous. Gerda never seems to miss a beat, she is always alert to the world around her! Her imagination is also endless, she spends her days perched in the windowsill day-dreaming or chasing her siblings. Gerda is going to be over-the-moon to meet a warm and loving family to call her very own!


Reserved! SVEN Reserved!

SVEN ~ Rare Show Quality Lilac Colorpoint Boy; Green Collar ~ Reserved for Jenny!

Greetings from Sven! He has the most dreamy colored coat that is so fluffy and plush that it’s something you definitely want to cuddle up into! Sven is a laid back boy, who also tends to be on the curious and playful side. He enjoys watching all of the critters through the windows, and seems especially taken with the rowdy squirrels. He even paws at the glass to get their attention! He tilts his head and mimics them when they start to chatter at each other and he follow them back and forth too as they run through the yard. This rollie pollie kitty is like a child’s living teddy bear. With those chubby little cheeks smiling back up at you, you’ll never want to put Sven down! This fluffy cloud could be your dream come true!


Reserved! ANNA Reserved!

ANNA ~ Rare Lilac Show Quality Colorpoint Girl; Pink Collar ~ Reserved for Kelly!

Introducing Anna! She has the best of both worlds; divine looks and an exceptionally kind personality. Anna is sporting a nearly all pink, luxuriously soft coat only fit for feline royalty! As an adult it will drip down from her body in a waterfall-like fashion, a show-stopper for sure with an opulence that outshines everyone! Her expressive bright eyes could say a thousand things with just one glance. Most of all she is eager to let you know how much she loves you. Underneath the glitz n’ glam Anna loves to find the best seat in the house – right on your lap and enchant you with her harmonious purr. With her head resting on your hand, she will bring a calm to your home and fill your heart with love.


Reserved! KRISTOFF Reserved!

KRISTOFF ~ Rare Lilac Show Quality Colorpoint Boy; Purple Collar~ Sold to Julia Qui!

Say “Hello” to this sweet fellow! Kristoff is a fine mixture of heavenly musical purring and the trademark male trait, a SUPER fluffy coat. If your greatest desire is a big ‘ole snuggly teddy bear type of kitty, look no further and pick this boy. His heart is as big and bright as his large pouty “pick me up” eyes. Just like a picture, his eyes could say a thousand things, but most of all he just wants you to know how much he adores you. Kristoff likes to drape his round fluffy body across your lap pr your chest and snuggle for hours and if you scratch his chubby cheeks his purring machine will rumble with bliss.


Reserved! OLAF Reserved!

OLAF ~ Rare Lilac Show Quality Bicolor Boy; Purple Collar ~ Sold to Julia Qui!

“Hello World!” Be inspired! One look from Olaf and you won’t believe he is even real!  This fabulous kitten will steal your heart and lock it away all for himself. He makes the most purr-fect snuggly fur-friend you could ever wish for, and he has a personality that only dreams are made of! Olaf loves to be the center of attention. He will scamper throughout the house just to search for you. He lives for one-on-one cuddle sessions. He creates the cutest fur ball possible as he curls up in the crook of your arm, and soon he will ease into a heavenly slumber, quietly purring away. Even the shape of his eyes are irresistible. He looks like and animated character too sweet and innocent to be real! He has the softest lilac and white coat. He is definitely a work of  art. Who said wishes don’t come true?


Reserved! ARENDELLE  Reserved!

ARENDELLE ~ Rare Lilac Show Quality Colorpoint Girl, Yellow Collar ~ Sold to Suzy S.

Arendelle says, “Hello future family!” You can find me skipping throughout the house curiously looking for the start of a new adventure or some one-on-one attention from you!” Her quiet curiosity is very endearing. She doesn’t want to miss out on any fun that might be happening! Arendelle could sit and listen to you talk to her for hours, she even tilts her head to the side as if understands everything you say! Breathe new life into your home with Aren, who is anxious to hypnotize you with her love and affection.



Tatiana & Big Mak Daddy

Born September 14th ~ Ready @ Dec 21st!



Reyna ~ Rare Lilac Mitted Girl ~ RESERVED for Gail K.!

Reyna ~ THAT FACE!!!!! THOSE EYES!!!!!! OMG!!!! I wish we could keep this pur-baby, but we have so many folks that want girls and we have had fewer of them lately! Just in case you are wondering, NO, she isn’t a stuffed animal…. she IS REAL! I better not stare at his picture very long or I am just going to keep her! Reyna loves to climb up your shirt and nudge you with her nose and purr softly into your ear. she also loves to flop over on her belly and wait for you to start rubbing her so she can close her eyes and fall asleep in your lap – doesn’t she just melt your heart! She has the most unique silver markings on his chubby fuzzy cheeks. Her beautiful blue teardrop shaped eyes are the perfect complement against her light coat. If you are looking for a kitty with an outstanding personality braided together with an angelic appearance, look no further!



Rapunzel ~ Chocolate MINK Colorpoint Girl ~ Sold to Melody Wang

Roll out the red carpet for Rapunzel! We were going to keep her but we had so man folks asking for girl kittens that we have put her on the market! We guarantee you will not find a funnier kitty if you searched the world far and wide. You’ll find this cheerful girl zooming from one activity to the next. Her over the top zest for life is contagious and will keep you laughing for a lifetime! She is a little explorer and has to investigate every inch of the world around her! She loves to wrap her tail around you and pet you with it. She is just darling as she prances and dances while running up to you with her head held high. She is quite the confident littlle bonnie! Rapunzel has been blessed with an exceptionally exquisite coat that bursts out in every direction in minky perfection!



Ranger ~ Lilac MINK Bicolor Boy ~ RESERVED for P Gokot!

Just discovered this boy is a MINK Lilac Bicolor! 

Introducing the adorable Ranger! Oh, his face and gentle disposition will melt you heart the instant you meet him! Ranger has been blessed with bright twinkling aqua colored eyes that you could get lost in. His light silver dusting trickles a faint pattern on his ears and tail and across the back of his rolly-polly body. What an angel! Ranger is a curious little boy and loves to watch the world around him. He will tilt his head when you talk to him and be your constant shadow, always intrigued with what you are doing. Ranger has a wonderful zest for life and will keep himself entertained for hours playing with his favorite toys. When he tires out, he will leap into your lap and turn his purring motor on full blast… no kidding! His purr machine is top-notch! His paws will rhythmically march in place as he kneads into you as he finds the purr-fect place to lay his head down. Don’t be surprised if he is the first thing you see as you open your eyes in the morning, hehe. Ranger LOVES to cuddle and will often share your pillow as you both drift off into a wonderful slumber.  Some things you see with your eyes, others you see with your heart. If Ranger has “spoken” to you, act quickly. There are almost NO RARE LILAC BICOLOR MINKS in the US of A…



Jennifer & Brad


Four Kittens! Born on August 18th ~ Ready @ Nov. 24th

Names taken from the movie Wonder Woman

“Just peeking out of their nest Box. A few have taken a few steps.”



Trevor ~ Show Quality Seal Bicolor Boy ~ Reserved for Lolita!

Meet Trevor! Oh my, have you ever seen a cuter kitten in all your life!? Cuteness overload! Trevor has been blessed with the most piercing jewel-colored blue eyes ever. This adorable bouncing baby boy has an angelic disposition to match his gorgeous good looks. He is beyond sweet and loves to greet you with sandpaper kisses and tail pets. He loves to keep you company by curling up in the crook of your arm and play “patty cake” until he has purred himself into a blissful sleep. If you are looking for a furry lap warmer who will also warm your heart this fall, Trevor is the kitty for you! Trevor is ready to leap into your lap and straight into your heart!



Diana ~ Rare MINK! Lilac Mitted Girl ~ SOLD to Yubing Chen!

Diana is a bright eyed beauty queen ready to capture your heart! This little lady is exquisite with her dainty frame wrapped in the finest luxury coat. She only gets prettier with each passing day! From her lavender pink button nose to her tiny fuzzy toes she will put a smile on your face every day! Diana has just a lovely disposition. Nothing is sweeter than the pitter-patter of her kitty feet as she prances from one activity to another. She is a busy girl with a male personality! She loves to be the life of the party and loves to play and go on adventures! One of her favorite places is the window sill where she has daily conversations with the critters outside and tries to play with them through the glass. She is so silly sometimes! You can be sure every night she will greet you the moment you walk in the door and be your little shadow in the hopes you will scoop her up into your arms and smother her with some extra lovin’. The moment you reach out to touch her she will rev her purr box to high and you will quickly become butter in her delicate embrace. We LOVE Diana and are sure you will too! She has us all wrapped around her feather duster-like tail! And don’t get us started on how cute she sweeps her tail back and forth!



Ares ~ SHOW QUALITY RARE Lilac Mitted Boy ~ $3200 ~ SOLD!

Introducing the gorgeous God Ares! This sensational boy appears to have a beautiful warm candle lit glow that brightens his plush silvery coat! Lovely lilac and lavender mixed with buttercream colors decorate his face and bib creating striking highlights next to his faintly airbrushed white markings on his feet and belly. To top off his glam coat, he has lovely blue eyes and a big lions mane! He has a gorgeous mug and profile! So pretty! We could not have hand built a better lilac kitten if we tried!  If his out of this world coat wasn’t enough, he is one of the sweetest kittens in our nursery! We love how he sits on his back legs and swipes at the mist in the humidifier… or the toys we are shaking in front of him! His bright and open face is very inviting. Ares expressive eyes light up and his bushy tail swishes happily when you walk into the room. He is always anxious to play or cuddle. He much prefers snuggle on your nap or on your chest so he can nuzzle your neck. If Ares has leapt into your heart and you cannot stop thinking about him, make him your very own!



Sir Patrick Morgan ~ Stunning Seal MINK Mitted Boy ~ SOLD to D. Duval

Ladies and gentleman, they do not get any prettier than this little fella! We would like to introduce Morgan! This caribbean blue eyed beauty has the most hypnotizing eyes on the planet!!! The deep minky seal points on his face and ears pay a compliment and draw your eyes right to his cute little mug! He is just a slice of heaven. He was the smallest one in the litter, so he has always been trying to play catch up! But that brilliant mink boldly stand out against his soft white angelic toes and his belly! His coat is silky like a fur coat.For all of you MINK lovers of the aqua eyes… Morgan is ready and waiting for a new forever home to claim as his castle!



Penelope & Jack

Born on August 11th ~ Ready @ Nov 17th

Names taken from the CW’s TV Show “Jane the Virgin”



Rafael ~ SHOW QUALITY Blue Colorpoint Boy ~ Went to a Wonderful Family whose Kitty Passed Unexpectedly

Introducing Rafael. This darling boy is as cute as a button and sugar coated with an extra lovey-dovey purr-sonality! We certainly wish you could hear him prancing around purring the entire time! Those tear-drop eyes will make your heart skip-a-beat. His innocent gaze begs, “Pweeez pick me up!” His designer luxury coat is as close to a silver blue as you can get! He looks as though his coat was ever so slightly dusted with silver fairy dust! With those delicate wispy whiskers and extra luxuriously fluffy coat Rafael will shower you with friendly head nudges. You’ll want to continuously scoop him up and snuggle cheek to cheek. Rafael is the definition of a pampered prince and is waiting to be endlessly spoiled. He will share you pillow at night and serenade you with a purr-fect lullaby. Rafael is PROOF angels ARE among us! He could be your dream come true…



Petra ~ Show Quality Blue Mitted Girl ~ Reserved for Lolita!

Meet our angelic girl Petra! This little lady will stop you in you right in your tracks with her entrancing gaze. Petra appears as though she has been playing in her mommy’s make-up! Her eyes are definitely one of many wonderful highlights this fashion forward kitty has to offer her new lucky owner. Her flowing high fashion designer fur coat is also gorgeous! Petra is a one in a million gem to be found! Not only does she top the beauty charts, her purr-sonality is as sweet as grandma’s homemade pie. She doesn’t just walk, she glides as she moves from room to room. Petra perks up when she finds you, and will not hesitate to find the best seat in the house, which is in your lap of course! Her purring motor is quick to start, especially if your brush her luxurious locks. She likes to go limp and rumble for hours, kneading her paws into the air or any surface that is near. Her curious nature certainly shows as she becomes your little furry shadow, always wanting to be by your side. She is absolutely pre-spoiled and very much adored around here… We just can’t help ourselves, especially when she peers up at us with that angelic face of hers. Petra is ready to leap straight from the computer screen right into your heart. If you are looking for a breath-taking beauty with a calm lady-like personality, make room in your heart for little Petra!



Mateo ~ Blue Bicolor Boy ~ SOLD to Wenting L.

Introducing the adorable Mateo! His face and gentle disposition will melt you heart the instant you meet him! Mateo has been blessed with bright twinkling blue colored eyes that you could get lost in. His light blue silver coat glistens when he’s walking about . What an angel! Mateo is a curious little boy and loves to watch the world around him. He will tilt his head when you talk to him and be your constant shadow, always intrigued with what you are doing. Mateo has a wonderful zest for life and will keep himself entertained for hours playing with his favorite toys. When he tires he leap into your lap and turn his purring motor on full blast. His paws will rhythmically march in place as he kneads into you as he finds the purr-fect place to lay his head down. Don’t be surprised if he is the first thing you see as you open your eyes in the morning, too. Mateo LOVES to cuddle and will often share you pillow as you both drift off into a wonderful slumber. Some things you see with your eyes, others you see with your heart.



Jane ~ Show Quality Seal Colorpoint Girl ~ SOLD to Tom!

We are pleased to introduce beautiful Jane! This solid seal beauty is a sight to behold!. We certainly don’t get these teddy bear kittens that often, and when we do we instantly fall in love all over again! Her chocolately black coat glistens as the sunlight bounces off the tips of each individual strand, like a thousand twinkling summer fireflies. Her sleek luxury coat is thick and silky smooth to the touch. When you snuggle with her you will feel her incredibly fluffy coat tickle against your cheek. Who doesn’t love those whisker kisses!?  Her exquisite blue eyes are so pretty and will capture your heart for a lifetime. Jane loves to be the center of attention and her endless charm will instantly win you over.  Some things you have to see with your eyes, others you feel in your heart! If you cannot stop thinking about Jane, she might be the purr-fect kitten for you!



Serra & Brad Pitt

Five Kittens! Born on August 4th ~ Ready @ October 13th

Names taken from the HBO’s TV Show “West World”

“Exploring Outside their Room with Momma.”



Dolores ~ Show Quality RARE Chocolate Bicolor Girl ~ SOLD to Nancy G!

Meet our stunning and independent Dolores! With the refreshing spring breeze gently blowing through her hair she strikes a model pose just for you 🙂 Check out her beautifully marked two toned face. Her bold and brilliant chocolate and white coat is nothing short of amazing; soft, thick, and glamorous. Her photos truly do not due her any justice, she is even more gorgeous in person. This free spirited kitten loves to prance about and go on adventures. When shes not busy exploring the world around her, she loves to play with her toys, or relax in a comfy lap!  One could spend hours watching her chase fuzzy mice and frolic about as she conquers feathery  toys. If you are looking for a lively kitten who is fully of life Dolores might just be the girl for you! Add this luxury kitty to your heart and home today!



Maeve ~ Show Quality Seal Mitted Girl ~ SOLD to Tom!

Introducing our lovely Maeve! Maeve has been blessed with a glorious luxury coat that swishes and flows, sweeping across the floor as she prances through the nursery! Her coat seems to glisten and sparkle as the rays of sunlight dance across the very tips of her coat. She is a true princess! Her breath-taking blue precious gemstone eyes and glam black eye liner will keep you captivated! She is ready for a night on the town! Maeve is a sensational show-stopper through and through! If her fascinating looks aren’t enough to make you fall in love, you will adore her exceptional personality. Maeve has a quiet confidence and is very well-rounded. She loves to play and is absolutely darling to watch, especially when she chases after a fuzzy toy mouse at top speeds down the hall way. She will remind you of a fluffy cloud joyfully dancing across the sky. When she’s tired of playing she will leap on to your lap for some snuggle time. She is the ultimate companion to keep you company while watching your favorite movie as long as you treat her to come loving strokes and scratches behind her ears.



Teddy ~ Blue Mitted Boy ~ Sold to Todd Debuque

 Introducing Teddy! This bundle of purring fluff loves to play and entertain. When he is not busy zipping throughout the house going on adventures, he is curled up on your lap keeping you company. His favorite time of day is when he gets to spend time with his human companions. When you walk in the door after a long day, you can guarantee he will be there weaving figure “8’s” between your feet and petting you with his tail. His confident, but gentle manner is sure to win you over in a heart beat! As if his charm wasn’t enough, Teddy has been blessed with dazzling good looks. Teddy’s fabulous coat has been decorated in blue and silver that darkens as it trickles down his back and tail like a waterfall. You can faintly make out the white marking on his nose that makes him one in a million. Check out his eyes!!! What a beautiful blue color. From his cute button nose to his fuzzy toes Teddy has got it all!



Clementine ~ SHOW QUALITY Seal Bicolor Girl ~ Sold to D. Duval

Introducing Clementine! This little lady is cute as a button. If you have been searching for a charismatic and playful kitty, here she is! She is guaranteed to keep you entertained with her endless hours of play. She has a true talent of making a toy from just about anything she finds, whether it’s her actually toys or a piece of paper or your shoelace. Like all of our Ragdolls, Clementine is super affectionate and always wants to be a part of whatever it is you’re doing. She finds everything fascinating. Clementine loves to weave figure 8’s between your feet and pet you with her bushy tail. She’s a pretty big love bug too and will instantly turn into putty in your hands. When you reach out for her she will tip over where ever she is standing in hopes that you’ve come to pet her! Her baby blue eyes are as striking as the open ocean. Her seal colored coat is absolute heaven on earth. As a lovely contrast, her white color-points are bold and bright set against her lighter undercoat. (Truthfully, human mommy is hoping she stays here with us!)



Bernard ~ Seal Bicolor Boy ~ SOLD to Yang LIU

Are you looking for a fun loving kitty to keep you company? Introducing Bernard! This sweet boy is a bundle of purring fluff and silly kitty antics! He is guaranteed to brighten your life with his innocent nature and loving purr-sonality. He has been blessed with an amazing coat that puffs out in all directions. He has the most glamorous blue  eyes which are outlined in the classic black liner of his seal mask. This makes them appear bigger and more loving. Bernie can be quite the busy bee and is completely fearless. We swear he lives each day to make you smile ear to ear. He enjoys following us around, and he also likes to jump on to the couch and rub up against you. Eventually he flops over on to his back like a little turtle, kicking his legs in the air in hopes of grabbing your attention. He will definitely find a way into your heart, and you will be rewarded with the sound of his loud content purr.



DEPOSITS for Kittens

Reservation #1 ~ J. Cox ~ Male SML, SL, BCP ~ 6/30

* Reservation #2 ~ L. Quarterson ~ Female BEW ~ 7/26 ~ $3200 ~ 2018

Reservation #3 ~ Wei (Adora) Zhang, NJ ~ 8/17 ~ $250 ~  BEW girl or B bi girl

Reservation #4 ~ Yu Zhu ~ CA ~ 10/11 ~ Show Girl

Reservation #4 ~ D Stubblefield

~ If you think you should be on this list, please notify us! ~

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