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Cookie & Heaven

Four Born on May 31st

 ~ Reserved ~

Sansa “CoCo” ~ Blue Eyed White Girl  ~ SHOW QUALITY ~SOLD to K. Boyle! 8/22



Lilou & Brad Pitt

Five Born on May 24th ~ Ready @ August 10th

 ~ Reserved ~

Hill ~ Chocolate Bicolor Girl ~ Looks to Be Show Quality ~ Temp RESERVE for Chandler



Ashley & Brad Pitt

Five Born on May 19th ~ Ready @ August 4th

 ~ Reserved ~

Winterfell ~ Lilac Bicolor Girl ~ Looks to Be Show Quality ~ Temp RESERVE for Chandler

Eyrie ~ Chocolate Bicolor Girl ~ Looks to Be Show Quality ~ Temp RESERVE for Chandler



Rhiannon & Jack

Four born on May 17th ~ Ready @ July 26th

2 Boys and 2 Girls. All Big and Healthy. ~ Names taken from the movie, “This Means War”  with Chris Pines as FDR Foster, Tom Hardy as Tucker, and Reese Witherspoon as love interest Lauren.

 ~ Reserved Below ~


Lauren ~”Seal or Blue” Lynx Bicolor Girl ~ RESERVED for S Richardson – OR ~ 5/5 ~ $1500


Trish ~ Blue Lynx Colorpoint Girl ~ $2200 ~ RESERVED for A. Logan



FDR (now Jasper Alexander) ~ Blue or Seal Bicolor Boy ~ Reserved for A. Tran ~ $1500



Tuck (now Star) ~ Seal Lynx (or Blue) Bicolor Boy ~ SOLD TO LINDA  A ~ $1500

Introducing our darling Tucker! This little fella is as handsome as can be in his classy LYNX seal and white striped tuxedo coat!  His fur is fluffy and silky smooth to the touch. He will win you over with his charming demeanor and purring motor. Tuck is always happy to greet you at the door in hopes that you will scoop him up into your arms for a quick snuggle moment. He will even treat you to some sweet sandpaper kisses on your cheek. The moment he enters your home he will take over your heart. Those exquisite teardrop eyes are filled with so much love to share. Tucker is too cute for words!




Six born on May 1st


 Peter Quill

Peter (now Perry) ~ Seal Bicolor (white ears and tail tip) Boy ~ Reserved for the R E Neilsen’s ~ $1500 P $150 C: $675
 This bouncy ball of fluff and purrs is Peter Quill, now Perry.  This cutie pie has an exceptional zest for life and is anxious to cover you in kisses. He is blessed with a bold and ornate coat. It creates a wonderful illusion of cool charcoal hues blending in and out of focus. Check out his spectacular speckled ears and tail! He is white tipped at every point! Did a thousand rain drops splash down and scatter across some peaceful cat nap? How neat is he!?  Check out his pinkish white button nose. Peter is quite energetic and playful, so its funny to watch him scurry throughout the house at lightning speeds while he is playing tag with his siblings, and when he is done he likes to plop down for a relaxing nap in the sunbeams!



Groot ~  ~ Blue Mitted Boy  For Mark! ~ $2200

Introducing the sweetie of the bunch! Groot will climb up your shirt and wrap himself around your neck like a scarf. He loves attention and to be close to his human companions. He is one of the sweetest and lovable-ist little fellas ever. Groot is also quite the charmer. He will woo you with his cute kitten antics and silly expressive face! He loves to go on fun adventures and entice the other kittens to play with him. Don’t miss out on adding this handsome guy to your heart and home!



Gamora ~ Seal Mitted (with blaze like momma) Girl  For Gita! ~ $2200
Nothing says “majestic” more than this dark chocolate fur-baby! Gamora is bursting with life and ready to greet the world with her top purrsonality. You would think she is part Easter bunny the way she prances and hops around the nursery with her tail twitching, waiting to merrily greet you at the door. She has never met a “stranger” and is lovable beyond belief! Gamora is a super sweet girl filled with grace and confidence. She has been blessed with those glistening “puppy dog” eyes that are guaranteed to have you wrapped around her delicate tail in no time!



Drax ~ Seal Colorpoint Boy ~ Reserved for L Zaremba ~ $2200 P: $500

Drax is best described as a soft, cuddly teddy bear. He loves to give you big bear paw hugs by wrapping his arms around your neck when you pick him up. He is sure to melt your heart! I don’t think there has ever been a time when Drax has shut off his “pur~box”, he even keeps it running when he’s getting a bath! LOL. He loves soaking up attention and will prove to you he not only has a body of gold but a heart of gold!



Princess (was named Nebula) ~ Seal Bicolor  (white ear tips) Girl ~ RESERVED for Mary! ~ $1500

Princess is a bright-eyed beauty ready to capture your heart! She is a typical bicolor except she has white ears like a high white bicolor would. She has a perfectly symmetrical V on her face and a dark crown and dark tail, with a mostly white/cream body. This little lady is exquisite wrapped in the finest luxury coat that is smooth as silk. Her coat pattern is unique and absolutely divine, with a warm glow of a steel crown around the back of her head to above her ears. She reminds us of a floating angel. From her pink button nose to her fuzzy toes she will put a smile on your face. Princess has a lovely disposition. Nothing is sweeter than the pitter-patter of her kitty feet as she prances from one activity to another. One of her favorite places is the window sill where she has daily conversations with the critters outside. She is so silly sometimes! You can be sure every night she will greet you the moment you walk in the door and be your little shadow in the hopes you will scoop her up into your arms and smother her with some extra lovin’.




Rocket ~ Seal Bicolor ~ Reserved for AJ Fasano ~ $1500



Born April 27th, 2017

“One Girl and Two Boys!”




King Arthur ~ Big Chocolate Mitted Boy ~ SOLD to AJF ~ $2200

Introducing King Arthur! These super fluffy perfectly marked babies are always so hard to find.  Handsome with such a beautiful face and gorgeous coat. Amazing! He is top quality. “Hi, my name is King Arthur. I love to play and always have a mischievous look in my beautiful blue eyes. If you hold me on my back, I will lay very still if you promise to rub my belly. But my favorite thing to do is to cuddle into your lap and purr up a storm while you stroke my silky fur. I am a very intelligent kittie and would love to go home with you. I am looking for a home where I can be loved, and I promise I will be good for you and your family. So what are you waiting for? Let me love you.”



Guinevere ~ Blue-eyed White Girl ~  SOLD for MFF 3/9 ~ $3200

Introducing Guinevere! We are sure you’ve noticed that she has the most incredible and highly expressive eyes in the WORLD! While she poses like the beauty queen that she is, Guinevere does not stay put for her photo sessions. All she wanted to do was run and sit in our laps. She is such a sweetheart, you can feel love and affection radiating from every strand of her pretty locks of hair. Her coat that sparkles like a blanket of crystalized sugar. Her personality is just as sweet too!  We imagine as an adult Guinevere will appear almost pure white with a dusting of shimmer to her coat. Her purring motor hardly ever ceases, she loves to serenade everyone with her harmonious lullabies.  This purring princess is a dream come true…



Lancelot ~ Blue-eyed White Boy ~ SOLD for MFF 3/9 ~ $2600

Lancelot has a beautiful and unique look! There are not many blue-eyed white ragdolls for sale… He is also as sweet as he is beautiful. His clear blue eyes set inside that fluffy white coat that is sure to draw a crowd when you are out and about. Lancelot has been raised in a loving home environment, so he’s already well socialized. He will arrive up to date on his vaccinations and completely spoiled. Don’t miss out on bringing this cutie home to your family. Once he is with you, you will wonder what you would have ever done without him!





Four Boys born on April 8th, 2017

“Worst time for litterbox training! Be glad they are here and not at your house!”

Named from the 1960’s TV Show, Bonanza on NBC. A western about the Cartwright family’s ranch,  Ponderosa in Nevada, during and after the Civil War.



‘Little Joe’ ~ Chocolate Mitted Boy ~ SOLD for LA ~ $2200 

Joe isn’t really little. He is just the youngest of the brothers. He is also easy to spot since he is a rare chocolate with a white star on his nose.  Joe is cuddle bug who loves attention. Joe will bring back memories of you snuggling up to your favorite childhood teddy bear. He is a large boy with a HUGE heart and lots of love to sprinkle around.  His coat looks as though it has been dusted in cocoa powder, with a white undercoat peeking out from his dreamy thick coat. When the light dances of the top of his furr, it appears as though it is twinkling like a diamond in the sunlight. He will melt your heart as he bats at his toys with his fuzzy paws. If we didn’t know better we would think there is a bunny rabbit in Joey’s family tree. He doesn’t walk, he hops around with his little tail merrily swaying back and forth.



Father Ben ~ Blue Colorpoint ~ SOLD AC; AR ~ $1800

Ben is the father in the TV show, and also the most mature. In ragdoll Ben’s case, he seems to be so relaxed and calm that we felt he was our ‘Ben’.  He loves to show off his silly kitten antics and is guaranteed to bring lots of love and laughter to his new forever family. Bens round expressive eyes will imprint on your heart. One of his favorite things is to lounge around and hang out wherever the action is happening. Sometimes we even catch him trying to chit chat with the birdies through the window. Ben is too cute and ultra charming!



Eric ‘Hoss’ ~ Seal Mitted Boy ~ SOLD for AC; AR ~ $2400

‘Hoss’ is the biggest of all of the kittens and currently looks like he is a breeder and show quality. He is our dark and tubby seal mitted boy. Hoss has a such a beautiful glossy dark seal coat combined with such a sweet personality! He is the total package! It seems like dark seals are impossible to find these days, and we should probably keep Hoss, and we wouldn’t give it a second thought if “he” were a “she” but we already have enough boys, so this precious baby is going home with the Cruikshank’s!



Adam ~ Show Quality Seal Mitted Boy ~ Reserved for P R Simmons  ~ $2200 July 3rd ~ Owe $850

Adam is a classic seal mitted boy and is just full of fun, flops, friendly kisses, furry cuddles, and fluffy snuggles.  This breath-taking baby is now yearning for a new forever home! Adam is a complete bundle of love and fluff. With a sweet personality and sensational good looks, Adam is sure to make your heart skip a beat when he runs up to meet you. He is a stunning seal mitted with beautiful white fluffy mittens and a deep china blue eyes! With summer weather closing in, he is the purr-fect addition to brighten your heart and soul. He is content being quiet, but would love to be a constant companion and a lap warmer. Adam likes to bless his people with sweet sandpaper kisses just to let you know he’s there for you. Ahhhh what a lovable tyke! Adam is always sprawled out on someone’s lap, in their arms, or lounging in a kitty tower happily watching the world go by. He is the most relaxed kitty around and has a certain confidence about him. His beautiful blue eyes are magnificent next to his shiny dark coat. If you are searching for a “lap cat”, no need to look any further. Adam cannot wait to jump into your arms for endless cuddles.



 Born: 01/26/17  Ready: May

Rare colored litter named after the TV show, ‘Star Trek: Next Generation’.

Tons of Pictures of them on FlickR


Luke ~ Living with SAGE KILMER! ~ Show Quality Rare Lilac Colorpoint Boy ~ $3200

Roll out the red carpet for Jean-Luc Picard! This overly handsome boy has been kissed by the gods. Like a stream over river rocks his coat glistens and elegantly flows and cascades around his lil’ body! Not only does it appear as if his locks were spun from pure silver, but he has a heart of gold to match! “Luke” is very loving and affectionate. At a moments notice he will come skipping into the room to leap onto your lap, where he will quickly make himself at home and knead his fuzzy paws on you.  His full cheeks remind us of a teddy bear, and his deep blue eyes always appear to be flashing you a vibrant and knowing smile! You won’t be able to resist this charismatic soul. You will want to pick him up and snuggle cheek to cheek with him! “Luke” is sure to melt your heart and soul.


Riker ~ Chocolate Bicolor Boy ~ $1700 ~ Living with Kyra F!

  Riker has a “melt your heart” kind of face! He is candid about showing his willingness to be your friend by tapping your leg in hopes of being picked up & cuddled. His gorgeous fur coat and rare coloring place him in a regal class of his very own!


Worf ~ Chocolate Colorpoint Boy ~ yellow collar ~ $1500 ~ Living with the Johnson’s!

Worf is reserved.

Worf dashes about the house, so you may one catch a slight glimpse of him before he has turned the corner into another room. Sometimes it seems like he is going 100 mph!  He is such a well-rounded kitten, he will make a joyous companion for absolutely anyone!



Exquisite litter takes it’s name from the members of the TV show, ‘Bones’.

 Born: 12/29/16 Ready: April


Brennan (Now Allee Socks) ~ Seal Lynx Bicolor MINK Girl

Temperance Brennan “Bones” ~ Seal Lynx MINK Bicolor Girl from Championship Lines! ~ $2200 ~ Gone Home to Julie Patton

Introducing Brennan! Her deep ocean blue eyes are just heavenly and her white forehead V accents them beautifully. She has beautiful black eyeliner with white rims around her eyes which really make them stand out in a crowd! Her pink nose is so cute! Brennan is a little bundle of energy. She is highly charismatic and loves to charm everyone. From a simple tilt of her head to scurrying about with a fuzzy mouse for hours at a time, Brennan will keep you smiling and wanting more. Her ears and tail are adorned with the lynx and mink markings that make her so unique! She currently has a very light back and appears mostly white except for her tail and ears. Her decorations, like all Ragdolls will come in slowly with age. She is very pretty indeed! Brennan is wishing for a new forever home and family to pamper her and love her to pieces.


HODGINS ~ Blue Lynx Mitted with a Blaze Boy

Jack Hodgins ~ Blue Mitted with a Blaze (maybe lynx) Boy from Championship Lines! ~ $1350 ~ Reserved for Amy Pippin!

This super fluffy little guy is the complete package! Jack Hodgins has the most breathtakingly dreamy pastel blue coat on the planet! Like most of this outstanding litter, breeders and show people would love this gorgeous, fluffy, super lovable ragdoll kitten. Jack (or Hodgins as they say on TV)  will climb up your pant legs and wrap himself around your neck like a scarf. He loves attention and to be close to his human companions. He is one of the sweetest and lovable little fellas ever. Hodgins is also quite the charmer, he will woo you with his cute kitten antics and silly expressive face! He loves to go on fun kitty adventures and entice the other kittens to play with him. Don’t miss out on adding this handsome guy to your heart and home!


ANGELA ~ Seal Lynx Mitted MINK Girl

Angela (Now Molly) ~ Seal Lynx MINK Mitted Girl from Championship Lines! ~ $2200 ~ Reserved for M. O’Dell

Introducing super friendly Angela! This doll-faced darling has been infused with fuzzy chubby cheeks and sky blue eyes that twinkle in the sunlight. Her sapphire gemstone colored eyes are filled with a yearning to be loved and spoiled rotten! She is SUPER outgoing! Her designer seal and dark mink colored coat is just heavenly and as soft as a fur coat. Angela is a stunning little girl. The rich dark coloring on her ears and button nose are so bold against the rest of her coat and really bring attention to her eyes. Angela loves to be spoiled with lots of pets from head to tail. When you run your fingers through her gorgeous locks she will instantly flop over to her side and serenade you with her rumbling purrs. 1310 890


ZACKY ~ Blue Lynx Bicolor Boy

Zack Addy ~ Blue Lynx Bicolor Boy from Championship Lines! Deposit on Zacky for Afrina Begum ~ $1600

Meet Zacky! This adorable blue lynx bicolor is a teddy bear who loves to climb up your shirt and nudge you with his cute button nose and purr softly in your ear. The more attention you can give him the better.  Zack is a super snuggly kitty who will flop over and wait for you to start rubbing his belly. Sometimes he even gently closes his eyes and drifts into a pleasant slumber, right in your arms. From his sandpaper kisses to his alluring “puppy dog” eyes this kitty is a keeper! His majestic presence and charm is sure to make him not only a grand centerpiece to your home, but also your heart.



Seeley Booth ~ Chocolate Bicolor (maybe lynx) Boy with a amazing fluffy coat and floppy personality from Championship Lines! ~ $2000 ~ Gone Home to Kaiou Luo

Introducing Seeley Booth! These super fluffy perfectly marked bicolor babies are always so hard to find.  Handsome with such a beautiful face and gorgeous coat. He is just Amazing Email today to make him yours before he is snatched up. He is top quality. If he could talk, and sometimes it seems like he is trying! He would say, “Hi, my name is Seeley or Booth. I love to play and always have a loving and sweet look in my beautiful blue eyes. If you hold me on my back, I will lay very still if you promise to rub my belly. But my favorite thing to do is to cuddle into your lap and purr up a storm while you stroke my silky fur. I am a very intelligent kittie and would love to go home with you. I am looking for a home where I will be loved! I promise I will be good for you and your family. So what are you waiting for? Please, let me love you.”



Three Exquisite Boys! All Show Quality! The three Musketeers!

Born: 12/15/16 Ready: March



Armand d’Athos – Lilac Mitted (or Colorpoint) Boy with a outgoing personality and Championship Lines! ~ $2200 Deposit on Armand for Adam S!

This handsome little lass is friendly, outgoing, playful and very intelligent. He makes friends easily and gets along well with everyone, both two and four footed. Armand is a real cuddle bunny and loves to snuggle up close and watch TV with you for as long as you want. He will make a great loyal and loving companion for the whole family. This precious boy will light up your life with his affectionate ways, sweet kitten kisses, and a cute little boy antics. Armand’s vet checks and vaccinations will be up to date and he will arrive very ready to take his place as your new best friend and family member.


ISAAC ~ Impossible to find LILAC MINK Mitted BOY

Isaac de Porthou – Lilac MINK Mitted (or Colorpoint) Boy with a amazing good looks and sweet personality from Championship Lines! ~ $3800 ~ Reserved for Le’ah

This handsome fellow is Isaac! One look at this boy and he will steal your heart. He has a perfect and nice confirmation. He is a big and fluffy fellow with a magnificent coat… one of the best we have seen! Not only is he handsome, but he will flatter you with his sweet personality as he enjoys human companionship very much, and will show his love for you often by giving lots of kitten kisses and purrs. Isaac will arrive to you up to date with vaccinations and will be well socialized and very much pre-spoiled. If you are looking for a super rare and HARD TO FiND example of the breed, this exquisite little boy may be the kitten for you. Better put a deposit down today because he wont be available for very long!



HENRI ~ Extremely RARE LILAC Bicolor BOY

“Aramis” (Henri d’Aramitz) – Lilac Bicolor Boy with a gorgeous personality and Championship Lines! ~ $3200 ~ Congratulations to Moises G!

Dreaming of the perfect kitten? Then meet Henri. He’s sure to make all your dreams come true! He loves to play and has a great purr machine! He is searching for a family to call his own. You won’t be disappointed in this one, that’s for sure. Good luck finding a lilac bicolor ragdoll kitten who is show quality with great genes and dreamy ragdoll type! He has it all; looks and the personality to go with it. He loves everyone he meets. He gets along great with kids and other pets. Henri will come up to date on his vaccines and will receive a clean bill of health before arriving to you. So if you are looking for many years of companionship, then look no more. He promises to be your best friend!


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